Culture is Everything
Services: ​​​​​​​Brand Identity, Planning, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Stationery Design, Social Media and Apparel Design.
West Indian rooted and Culturally Inspired. Culture is Everything serves as a voice for people of all cultures, giving people an avenue to express their culture through apparel. The owner made it known early-on that this was a “Passion Project” and every design concept should tie back to his love for art, design and his West Indian culture. Wanting to fill a gap that existed between the many cultures he loved (streetwear, art, design, sneakers, etc.) and the apparel that was available, I began my quest of creating a brand that could stand-out amongst a generation of designers and consumers that throw anything and everything on a shirt for a quick buck.
I wanted Culture is Everything to be a platform where I tied together all the things he loved, as one, in the form of a brand.For the logo, I wanted to represent his simplistic yet creative and out of the box approach design, business and life. So I created a text-based logo within a rectangular box, making the text “isEverything” appear as if it is breaking out of the box.Representative of never allowing anything or anyone to box you in, no matter what. This laid the foundation for the branding elements that followed.
The Pencil Design represents a staple of his childhood, when he drew and sketched until his #2 pencil became a small little snub. It was during these moments that he fell in love with art and design. Each brand element represents something personal to the owner and these small details can be found throughout the different touch points. Like the waving flag icon, representing freedom and encompassing all the things he loves into his own culture (flag). As we began to design his initial t-shirts, we wanted to keep the clean look, while also introducing the brand to consumers. So we started with signature shirts and statement T-shirts that were culturally inspired.
I carried over the minimalistic approach to the design of their e-commerce website. Implementing a lot of white space to help make the shirt designs stand out. It was important that we integrated square payments into his website. The end-result was a clean e-commerce website that allowed multiple forms of payment including Paypal, Stripe & Square. They have been able to enjoy a 200% increase in website traffic month over month and a 75% jump in sales month-over-month.
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