The process starts with me asking you a few questions and having you fill out my questionnaire. After this I have an understanding of the project and can give you a realistic price offer. You can expect to receive a quote within 24 hours. Send me an email via my contact page right now and we will get the ball rolling. Once we have agreed on the quote I will send you an invoice for the first half of the total payment. When I have received the payment we will go on to step 2.

This is the part where I ask you a bunch of questions. From your answers I will get to know your business and the brand. Obviously, this is a crucial step: I need to fully understand your brand to enable me to do a great job and create a logo that is effective and right for you. The information you give me will also serve as a roadmap to help us keep on track, so that the design process is driven by the brand and not by a favorite typeface, color etc.

This is where my real work starts. I do research on the target audience, trends and look at competitors. This will help me create a contemporary and unique logo that stands out in the crowd and speaks to your customers. I also brainstorm ideas and look for design inspiration.

I start with rough sketches of various ideas that came up during the previous step. I select one or a few of the best ones, which I then refine and send over to you. Based on your feedback revisions will be made if necessary and eventually there will be a winner. The winning design sketch will look, more or less, like the final digital version.

The final sketch is scanned and traced to vectors. Often the accuracy at this step reveals some minor details that need to be tweaked. Until now the logo has just been a black and white representation, but now it is time to color it. The colors are based on your information about your target audience etc. At this stage the logo is also tested across the various media where the logo will appear. When the final logo and its colors are approved it is time to wrap things up in the next step.

Before final file delivery, the last invoice will be sent (i.e. second half of payment). When I receive the payment all the necessary files (vector and pixel format in different color variations) will be emailed to you.

I always seek to be even better as a designer and it is important to get your feedback on how you have felt working with me. So, shortly after the final files have been delivered, I will send you a short list of questions. This is of course optional, but it is highly appreciated if you do take a few minutes to answer them!

Send me an email via my contact page so we can start to create something great together.
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