Mr Potato Spread
Services: Brand Identity, Planning, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Stationery Design, Social Media and Food Truck Design.
Mr. Potato Spread is a new fast-causal, lunch delivery,catering and food truck company. Unlike pizza delivery and other fast-food type delivery services, Mr. Potato Spread takes pre-orders at least a day in advance to ensure that every potato received is mouth watering and fresh. Keeping it simple and very minimal the owner just wanted a website for online ordering, some business cards, a menu and t-shirt design. They already had a   logo design in place, but being the designer I am, I saw the full potential for the brand and decided to sketch and design a full brand, including a logo redesign.
The finished result was a logo with a hand-drawn curvy script to symbolize melting butter. The primary colors used were red and white, and yellow as the secondary color. The logo was created to be used on their Menu, Business Cards, Website and various marketing collateral. I felt it was important to develop other design elements to be used on collateral and during their marketing campaigns. With their unique business model, I saw a Mascot as being a very valuable element for marketing. This is where the Mr. Potato Spread mascot was developed. I developed a mascot out of a potato that had signature looks of the Executive Chef. From the hat backwards hat to the smile on his face.
Developing a mascot helped make their brand timeless, because it could be made to relate to adults, but most importantly to kids. Their business segments consist of catering, food truck events and lunch delivery to businesses. I created custom taglines and designs for each, to be used on the menus and website. Designed the food truck wrap to be a driving billboard. Getting people to inquire, pick up their phone and search who they were, the minute they saw them driving on the highway. Known for being the “Home of the Original Crab Pot Potato” it was important to include an actual picture of that staple potato on the food truck. Letting the primary color red dominate the design, the beautifully design wrap can be spotted from a mile away!
I was also challenged to create an e-commerce website that would allow ordering ahead and the ability for the customer to select a specific time-frame for delivery. The end-result was a website with a unique ordering system that allowed customers to order ahead, ensuring orders were made at least 2 hours in advance and forcing a minimum order of $25 in order to checkout. Mr. Potato Spread was able to see a 200% increase in website traffic and 125% increase in revenue following the implementation of their new branding and ordering website.
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