QuEST Forum
Services: Branding Strategy, Print Production, Social Media Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Magazine Layout
In dire need of a collateral refresh and some establishing of Branding Guidelines, QuEST Forum came to me in hopes of establishing a brand that represented them being at the forefront of their telecom industry. After consulting and having a clear understanding of their direction, I began narrowing down their collateral and creating a look and feel for each, that tied in well with the overall brand. At the time, QuEST Forum used a number of tri-folds and other lengthy documents that had not been updated since 1998. First, I took time to evaluate what was necessary collateral and what they could do without. Then I worked with their Marketing Director to began developing information they needed, but did not have. 
Taking in to consideration printing costs and the average attention span of a reader, we began trimming. combining or altogether eliminating some pieces. They now use one-pagers, or tai-folds with multiple topics in one. I also began putting these in to electronic format as well. Even QuEST Forum’s annual report now can be distributed electronically as a result of these changes and updates to the previous practice. From all the aforementioned steps, came more concise and clear one to two-page documents that are both informative and visually pleasing to their audience. The engagement and request for QuEST Forum collateral has spiked as a result. The audience feedback has been very positive on both the content and how much more aesthetically pleasing their pieces are.
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