Seminole Dining
Services: Logo Design
With Florida State University’s Food Service contract up for negotiation, I was able to play a critical role in presenting branding ideas for the development of“Seminole Dining”. I developed 11 logos to represent the new dining options that would be on FSU’s campus. This resulted in 2 logos being chosen and established as the branding for “Seminole Dining” and “Your Way Cafe”.
As part of the proposal team of this contract, we were able to secure a 10-year dining services agreement with FSU that will bring an expanded menu of healthy and locally sourced fresh foods prepared by culinary trained chefs to new and renovated dining facilities and restaurants across their campus. Worth more than $173 million over 10 years, the contract unites multiple dining and food programs, including residential, retail, concessions, catering. Mobile dining via food trucks and delivery has spiked as a result. The audience feedback has been very positive on both the content and how much more aesthetically pleasing the pieces are
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